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And this years Yassmin award goes to another failed “comedian”, that’s having a problem with relevance deprivation.

What a vile, mean spirited and ugly piece of work is Catherine Deveney. What is it about these “comedians” and “writers” seeking the 15 minutes of fame? What is it about the left generally and their dribbling, unhinged  mental implosions, hatred and borderline personality disorders.
Notice too that both Magied, Deveney and Scott McIntyre (who was shafted from his taxpayer funded gig at SBS for his own ANZAC Day comments several years) are all either employees, contractors or pet guests of the national broadcasters ABC and SBS. They simply wouldn’t last in the private sector
 Attack one of their shibboleths and strap on a hazmat suit and stand back for a spray of anyone of a dozen “isms” “ists” and “phobes”


Yassmin Magied’s and Deveny’s toxic ANZAC Day rants are that of the proverbial mad woman. These vile and hideous creatures are not exercising freedom of speech.They are exercising the ABUSE of the freedom of speech. Out of respect, even with freedom of speech, there’s a time, a place and occasion. There’s another 364 days of the year and quite frankly there are some red lines decent people just don’t cross at any time.

They are simply out of bounds.


Using the privilege of free speech as a blunt instrument, the cultural Marxists use national days like ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day to bludgeon, shame and undermine our Australian values, culture, mores and traditions. They seek to shake our national confidence, direction and purpose. Even our most minor traditions and values are up for denigration and ridicule to achieve the goals of these cultural cockroaches..

Like many of her background and belief, on more than one occasion, Magied has demonstrated herself to be young, rude, ungrateful, stupid and ignorant with no great allegiance or affinity with Australia or what itstands for, but Deveny has no excuse.

Born in Australia, 50 years old with an IQ matching her age it seems, how is it possible to be so grotesquely mean spirited, ill informed and ungrateful for the legacy of those that served in defence of Australia. Does she not have a relative living or dead that was in one of the services?
Drop her into a war zone and tell her to find her own way home or at least compel her to visit the Canberra War Memorial for a day or two.


 ‘..Anzac Day is “f..king disgusting” according to the writer and comedian Catherine Deveny and “should have gone in the bin decades ago”.
Deveny, who runs writing workshops, took to social media today to attack the commemorative day on both Facebook and Twitter.
“As it gets closer my head feels tighter and tighter and I feel more and more nauseous,” Deveny wrote on Facebook.
“I blame the collective cognitive dissonance seeping in. I abhor Anzac Day and can’t wait til it’s over. I am so delighted to hear the chorus increasing every year saying ‘Anzac Day is bullshit. It’s a Trojan Horse for racism, sexism, toxic masculinity, violence, homophobia and discrimination,’ “ she wrote..’  Comedian Catherine Deveny launches Anzac Day attack