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It’s not so much that Australia is losing its religion, rather than changing its religion to that of the temporal and secular.


Specifically, the religion of the Climate Cult, complete with its own set of traditions and rituals.


The similarities are remarkable.


Conversion and belief, (as in “do you believe in climate change”) saints, (Greta Thunberg) sinners, (the West but not China) blasphemy and the persecution of heretics, (social media and cancel culture and ESG).


The Climate Cult even has its own priesthood, (Al Gore).


There’s all manner of demons and hobgoblins, guilt, shame, martyrdom, fear and damnation and of course the tedious narrative of the existential threat and end of times if we don’t repent.


There’s even penance and Papal indulgences, via carbon taxes and emissions trading whereby you can pollute, pay, and go about your day.


And all headquartered in new the Vatican of the United Nations.