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Not sure if it’s apocryphal but the often repeated Einstein definition of insanity in doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, is exactly what has been happening for decades with the ABC.


Until such time as a single individual, not a board or an advisory committee, is appointed to bring the ABC under control, Einstein’s law of insanity will play out time and again as we keep getting the same result.


Change at the ABC must be forced and not by consensus with a staff collective.


Think, a new, no nonsense headmaster or jail warden.


I refer to him/her as an ABC Czar, call them what you like, but until someone who knows their way around the ABC is appointed, someone like a Maurice Newman or Janet Albrechtsen, to go in, take control and hire, fire and rearrange with no reference to the ABC board or MD and with no time constraints but for as long as it takes, Einstein’s first law of insanity will be as certain to repeat as Newton’s law of gravity.