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To protest against Israel and for Gaza is just the latest thing. The latest fashion and fad.

Watch for the avalanche of virtue signalling. For the lapel coloured ribbon and associated flag pin or the Palestinian keffiyeh worn as a fashion statement. And of course there’ll be the taking of the knee at every community event and opportunity by the usual ingratiating suck-ups.

These, unenlightened 20 somethings, couldn’t find Gaza on a map or spell Yasser Arafat and wouldn’t know which river to which sea they were talking about. They’ve been totally programmed and indoctrinated with the woke pro terror antisemitic mind virus.

They remind me of the Marlon Brando character, Johnny in the 1953 movie, The Wild One and the exchange between Mildred and Johnny:- “Hey Johnny what are you rebelling against ? To which Brando’s character responds  “Whaddya you got”?

All of these protesters are to 2023/24 what the Covid lockdown and the BLM George Floyd riots and bed-wetting were to 2020.

“…. A man says that the people in the West who attend anti-Israel marches are doing so because: “It has become a fashion. These women protesting here… in Gaza they wouldn’t be allowed to open their mouth.. “