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The sanitising of the language around the Chinese, Wuhan virus  is extraordinary and straight from the pages of George Orwell where nothing is what it seems and takes the idea of ‘controlling the narrative’ to a totally unprecedented extreme.


Much of the media and the international left is absolutely grotesque, beyond contempt and appalling in the way they are trying to drive this on behalf of their masters in Beijing as the propaganda wing of the Chinese Communist Party and in trying to be all sensitive and woke, an element of the Western media is doing the CCP’s work for them in trying to undermine the West, control and frame the story-line by parroting the CCP talking points and taking offence by proxy.


It’s interesting that they are free to call President Donald Trump, Hitler or Idi Amin or the devil incarnate but don’t you dare call the Chinese, Wuhan Corona virus the Chinese, Wuhan Corona virus because it’s racist and an affront against ordinary Chinese people.


This is not about and nothing to do with the ordinary Chinese people just as Chernobyl wasn’t about the ordinary Russian people.


This diabolical problem was caused by and is about the Chinese Communist regime just as Chernobyl was caused by and was about the Russian Communist regime and the cover-up in both instances was from the exact same playbook. They own it.


The Chinese communist regime is responsible for what we are all going through today.


The Chinese communist regime is entirely responsible for your business going broke and closing down, your life’s work being thrown into chaos and your  employees being thrown out of work.


The Chinese communist regime is entirely responsible for all the Coronavirus illness and all the Coronavirus deaths.


The Chinese communist regime is entirely responsible for your holidays being cancelled and the travel ban.


The Chinese communist regime is entirely responsible for the possibility of flagship airlines going broke and tens of thousands of people ending up on the scrap heap of unemployment, for your school closures your sporting fixtures being cancelled and for the massive hit on the world stock markets and of course the hit on your superannuation.


The Chinese communist regime is entirely responsible for crashing the world economy.


And given all of this, because of their fortress mindset and siege mentality they’re sensitive and offended about losing face and being shamed in the eyes of the world because THEIR virus, as in the tradition of naming viruses after the geographical place of origin bears the name, THE CHINESE, WUHAN virus.


Suck it up. If you want to be part of the civilised world in the 21st century stop behaving like you’re stuck in 1949.


The Chinese communist regime may well be able to intimidate and control the thinking and the speech of their own people but they and their Western media lackeys cannot and will not be allowed to control the thinking and therefore the speech of the free world.