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We been cooling down for the last 4000 years.

With an economy of words and crystal logic, Professor Ian Plimer simplifies, exposes and demolishes the pea and thimble trick that is emblematic of the climate hustlers and their useful idiots.
I used this same reference to the Little Ice Age, (1300 to 1850) many times back in the day and equated it to turning off the fridge in your kitchen.
What do the hell do you think is going to happen within the ecosystem of your fridge? Try it. Give it a go…
The second line of this transcript is critical to fully understanding the con.

It’s all about when you start the measurements . If we look at the last 38 years there has been no change in temperature. If we look at in the last 150 years we’ve had three warming periods and three cooling periods with a total warmth of about .6°C in 1850.

What happened in 1850?

It was the end of the little Ice Age.

Do you think it’s going to warm or cool after the end of the Little Ice Age.

Of course it’s going warm.

If you start taking measurements from 1850 and the industrial revolution, we’ve been warming. If you take measurements from the mediaeval warming, we’ve been cooling. We’ve cooled about 5 degrees since then.

If you take measurements from the Roman warming, we’ve  cooled about 5°.

So if someone tells you that it’s warming, the reply, you give is, since when.