It may take several decades for this climate contagion and associated hysteria that we’ve seen emanating out of Wentworth and the inner cities more broadly in recent times, to flush through the system, but eventually the climate catastrophists will be exposed for the hustlers they are.

Since the dawn of time, humanity has experienced all manner of likely lads, con artists, tricksters, spivs and purveyors of easy fixes and get rich quick schemes from the tulip bubble of the 16th century and Papal indulgences to assuage and ease the burden of guilt allowing the sinful to carry on sinning at a price, (think, carbon tax) to the variations of any number of Ponzie schemes and similar through to the more sophisticated, Wall Street, collateralised debt obligations that triggered the GFC and myriad email and internet scams and schemes.

All of these are based on either faith, hope, fear, emotion or thin air.

Particularly thin air, as this time round, climate is the currency of the hustler.

As near. as I can tell, there are six categories of climate warriors.

First, there the Gaia worshippers who seriously view climate change as a religion complete with associated rituals and believe that as the seas rise, Narrabeen is going to end up at Narrabri.

Then there’s the rent seeker class who never saw a scam they didn’t like and whose intention it is, to milk the tax payer via renewable subsidies on the pretext of saving the planet and saving the rest of us from ourselves. How very selfless and noble.

From the rent seeker we move on to the activist class. The activist class embed themselves in the bureaucracy, taxpayer funded media and in the halls of academe and are committed to leveraging climate change for their own political ends of global wealth redistribution.

As in Wentworth and similar locales, there’s the virtue signalling, poseurs, moral narcissists and moneyed elite with too much time and money on their hands and not much idea about anything outside their own cosseted, cosy and comfy bubble.

As Oscar Wilde observed, “they know the price of everything and the value of nothing”

Then we have the simple, “go along to get along” gullible and naive type who just want fit in, not make waves, believe what they’re told and read and go with the flow and know no better.

Finally there’s the rest of us (a majority I hope) who can spot a hustle when we see one.

It’s time more people started to understand and realise that with absolutely no evidence outside of climate variability, the pea and thimble conflation of the weather with climate and mankind’s influence is the just the latest and most sophisticated hustle and shake down ever devised.

Literally, out of thin air.