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It is said with many variations, that sometimes, the cost of doing nothing is far greater than the cost of actually doing something.


This is one of those times


Apart from dealing with the macro like for example the rules pertaining to foreign investment in the eventual wash-up of the Coronavirus crisis, the real test for the government after the social and economic fallout, will be how they deal with the micro.


Specifically, how they at last deal with the anti-vaxers and their kids when a vaccine is eventually developed and available.


This crisis presents as the first opportunity in many generations to at last expose the anti-vaxers quaint, phony, selfish and dangerous arguments.


Up until now these people have been regarded as odd. As Byron Bay, alternative lifestyle hold outs. Something of a curiosity and held up to all manner of public ridicule and derision as tin foil hat conspiracy whackos.


Not any longer.


Forget the fact that they hitch or rather bludge a ride on the convenience of herd immunity, vaccination must now be a matter of compulsion for all children and adults. No arguments. No debate. No concessions, no exceptions and no conscientious objections.


The conscientious objection and even the herd immunity argument are lazy arguments of anti-social defiance.


This is about community discipline. Like everyone driving on the left hand side of the road or any other community discipline. Everyone must do it for the sake of everyone else.


It’s usually a line much used by people like Bill Shorten at the last election when they don’t want to show their hand on the real costs of their pet policies, but as demonstrated by the crisis, this actually will be a case of:

“The cost of doing nothing being far greater than the cost of actually doing something”