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There are 25 million Australians with skin in the game over Coronavirus.

The entire nation, all 25 million of us, are affected to a greater or lesser extent but what’s the bet that when it comes to analysing how we got to where we are, vis a vis the adherence to the edicts of unbridled globalism, unfettered free trade, putting all our eggs in the China basket and sacrificing local manufacturing with the Lima Agreement and the total economic and social aftermath, when this storm has passed, again, the only people, in fact the same people with the same mindset with their feet under the table, working their way through the smoking ruin of the Australian economy and prosecuting the case to get things back to some semblance of normalcy and business as usual, will be the very same lobbyists for overseas interests, big business, clueless political class and the very same experts and permanent Canberra bureaucrats that advised in the first place and created the mess?

This will raise the question as to who exactly are the elected representatives of the governments we voted for, working for? Us, or the fellow globalists?

People are much more wired, connected and politically savvy in 2020 and can pick the slick Charlie political bullshit artists from a long distance.

At the risk of being written off as antediluvian, Cro-Magnon throwbacks and conspiracy theorists the quiet Australians kept quiet. We kept our doubts low key and to ourselves. After all, what the hell would we know?

Well, now, over several decades, we’ve seen it all and heard it all and given the expert and political class the benefit of the doubt that they knew what they were doing. They didn’t and at last they’ve been exposed as the dumb, unimpressive charlatans and snake-oil operators they are.

Clearly, with their globalism and unfettered free trade deals and allowing China to pick the eyes out of our economy under the guise of “foreign investment” and signing up and selling off our manufacturing under the Lima agreement in the 70’s you clearly didn’t have a clue.

You believed your own omniscient dark art, Davos economic bullshit.

You’ve had your fun. You’ve wrecked the joint through you ham-fisted mismanagement and economic, GIGO modelling, so now it’s time for permanent Canberra and the political empty suits to start working for those who pay their way.

Australia will be watching…With baseball bats..