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The left is very good at flipping the script and adapting language to fit.

Too good in fact.

Step 1. Hamas attacks Israel.

Step 2. Hamas get their arses kicked and hides out among civilians, deliberately goading the IDF by setting up and firing their rockets from emplacements in civilian locations like schools and hospitals with the resultant collateral damage and civilian deaths which is the desired strategy and goal.

Step 3. Hamas and the globalist left run off to the International Court of Justice squealing genocide because they’re being totally eviscerated in a conflict they started.

The problem is the same as crying wolf once too often and the language becomes stripped, gutted, filleted and devoid of all meaning.

The words racist, genocide and misogynist for example, have been so overused they have lost their impact and been rendered meaningless to such a point that the terms are almost warn as a badge of pride because they demonstrate that the argument is lost. Totally empty of substance and just undergraduate and infantile name calling and invective.

Its all they’ve got.