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The one thing about the left, the one consistent thing, is that they always accuse others of the very thing they’re doing or intend to do. In this case undermine and ending “our democracy”. Watch for the brainless talking heads on television parroting the same set of words.

It is textbook psychological projection.

The most recent examples, the accusations they made against Trump were actually things they were doing. Collusion with Russia and collusion with Ukraine.

So it’s interesting how Hillary Clinton bemoans the possibility of Trump running and winning in 2024 and saying that it would be the end of “our democracy”.

This, coming from a party and a position that is opposed to voter ID, opposed to voter signature verification and opposed to the purging and cleansing of the voter roll of dead people and people who have moved from their former registered address.

But at the same time very much in favour of same day voter registration before you vote so there’s no way of tracing who you are, mass mail-in ballots open to equally massive fraud, ballot harvesting and unsecured drop boxes in shopping malls.

And she talks about the end of “our democracy”

The voter ID one is particularly egregious because they say to expect ID of blacks or browns  is racist. That’s is a typical example of the bigotry of low expectations whereby because a person is of a different colour they don’t have the wherewithal to have ID.

Notice too how they repeat the talking point and phraseology of “our democracy” this is no accident. This, like the word “investment” as shorthand for spending up in an endeavour to buy votes, (so I suppose it is an investment of a kind) are words and phrases that have been researched  and road tested and proven to evoke particular emotions.

The undermining and collapse of both democracy and the constitution , is the entire principle and reason behind the Democrats election bill, HR1, to embed in legislation all of these undemocratic ideas and embed the Democratic Party in power, permanently.