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Even the work experience kid at Liberal HQ could put together a killer ad on this crap and aim it squarely at middle Australia

Below is an extract from Adam Creighton’s column in The Australian and it highlights where Labor’s head is at. In short they’ve gone totally rogue. Gone right off the reservation, are no longer about the worker and going full throttle on identity and freak show politics.

A Commissioner for Sexual Orientation!!! Gee, I bet the Libs didn’t see that coming and are going all out ‘why didn’t we think of that’ face palm.

The word mention comparison tells the story and leaves the reader in no doubt.

“…The Labor Party’s new policy platform provides an opportunity to test the idea that parties of the left are increasingly mouthpieces for the concerns and pieties of the ­educated elite. A striking analysis by economist Thomas Piketty has shown how the main left-of-centre parties in Britain, the US and France have steadily transformed from being parties of workers to being parties of high education since the 1950s. He didn’t include Australia but Labor’s new 211-page document slated for discussion at Labor’s ­national conference — “a clear statement of Labor’s beliefs, values and program for government” — helps provide the answer here.


Mentions of “intersex” — that’s the “I” in LGBTIQ, in case you didn’t know — occur 63 times, ahead of those more esoteric concerns such as “wealth” (61 times) and “inequality” (47). Whatever intersex means — or is — it’s also far more important than “ownership” (12 mentions), “production” (18) and “distribution” (10). That “bisexual” out-mentions “poverty”, 31 to 23, says it all.


The light on the hill is now more like a strobe disco ball in a gay nightclub. The 15 mentions of “LGBTIQ” and a further 21 of “LGBTI” — ­together roughly on par with “homelessness” (41) — perhaps ­reflects the ascendant intersex faction’s Bolshevik-style crushing of the formerly dominant queers, whose more mainstream views are going out of style. But I digress. Why is the oldest political party in Australia so ­obsessed with this marginal, elitist rubbish?


Labor will “establish a Commissioner for Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex ­Status issues, to work across government and the private sector”. Just what we need, someone else on $339,460 a year to tweet and ­foment grievance. “Gender” is mentioned even more than “tax”, 126 to 105 times. 


In an era of growing wealth concentration, when the share of ­income accruing to the top 10 per cent of workers in Europe, the US and Japan is at the highest point since the 1940s, surely that’s odd. Women have never been more economically successful…” Labor’s identity politics – the left’s blight on the hill