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Trump was impeached over a phone call to Ukraine trying to ferret out the detail about the Biden Crime Family corruption.

The corruption was suspected for a long time from the mountains of evidence particularly his own bragging about what he did on video by getting the prosecutor fired that was investigating the company on which his son was a board member, by threatening to withhold a billion dollar loan guarantee. It was extortion. A quid quo pro. .

It’s further been revealed in recent weeks from bank records that both Joe and son were riding a winner with their with a pay to play, access for sale racket and grift they had going with Ukraine and China as well.

Yesterday this was confirmed by very specific documents the FBI has been sitting on “investigating”  for 6 years and done nothing with, that further reveal that both father and son got $5 million a piece in bribe money from Ukraine.

Is the $5 million dollar bribe the reason why Biden is so invested in and committed to Ukraine? They have the dirt on him and Zelensky is twisting his balls?

But Trump is the one that gets accused of a quid pro quo **** and impeached for trying to find out what Biden Inc was up to and expose the racket. ****** Trump floated putting a hold on the promised Javelin anti tank missiles to Ukraine.

What a cesspit of corruption is the US.