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The thing that is exercising the minds of the majority of Australians over this prurient preoccupation and fascination with sex and gender, is where the hell did all this come from? And so fast. At warp speed, blindsiding, bulldozing, and badmouthing anyone who gets in the way of the protagonist’s obsession.

Late term, sex selection abortions, Safe Schools, SSM and the laundry list of weird gender theory and queer stuff, it all makes one wonder if there still another shoe to drop, promoted and framed through the prism and at the altar of diversity and inclusion by activists and academics, like for example the decriminalisation of paedophilia.

That’s about all that’s left.

Think, paedophile activist and advocate Professor Gary Dowsett who helped develop the safe schools program and has publicaly argued that:

“..paedophilia should be part of the gay movement, it must be legally recognised as a wider sexual liberation..”

The West has increasingly become, a sideshow alley hall of mirrors, where everything is upside down, twisted bent and distorted. An absolute freak show of Star Wars bar scene proportions.
By lying to, and targeting children while enacting and legislating, they are in effect, enabling, encouraging and facilitating kids to question their gender, years before they need to concern themselves with such things.
It’s designed to create questioning and introspection and to sow seeds of doubt and contemplation of an alternative and get them thinking about the possibilities.
This is grooming with all its sleazy connotations and is no different to a sleazy fifty year old creep grooming a twelve year old girl online.
Psychiatrist couches are going to be overloaded in fifteen or twenty years with people, who as children, had their brains and identity so discombobulated and scrambled, that they have no idea who or what they are.