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Many people think the Democrats  must be desperate if Joe Biden with his early onset dementia is the best they can do.

Understanding that it’s all about controlling the story-line and therefore how the story ends, they set the plan in train. But how could they control the ultimate outcome of the story when it’s the people in an election that decide?


Step 1... After various trade offs with other candidates and despite his general failure in the primaries to excite the base, they knowingly and deliberately select a man who has early onset dementia and signs of obvious cognitive decline knowing he won’t last anymore than a few months. But because of his familiarity, his name and brand recognition and Vice President status and association with the Obama regime, stands the best chance and will serve the purpose of hoodwinking America.

Step 2...This is the crucial bit –The man in cognitive decline along with his handlers gets to CHOOSE his running mate. (the ultimate real presidential candidate preferred by the machine) without having to go through the messy business of voting. It’s a simple vetting process. So he/they select Kamala Harris.

The trap is now set.

Step 3...With everybody’s harmless “uncle Joe” as the front man it’s off to the races. Assuming Joe gets up, he may or may not make it to Inauguration Day on January 20 or may last only 3 or 4 months when he resigns or rather “is resigned” under the 25th amendment (mental incapacity and ill-health).

Step 4...Kamala Harris, who wouldn’t stand a chance as the stand alone candidate but was the first choice all along by the machine, despite the fact that the rank and file rejected her in the primaries and was the first to fall by the wayside, is sworn in to pickup where Obama left off to “fundamentally transform America”

That’s The Plan. Every step has been carefully calculated, calibrated and thought through. There are no coincidences in politics particularly in an election year.