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If you really want to get a handle on where all the transracial and transgender stuff is headed I suggest you check out the just released Netflix documentary, The Rachel Divide.
The Rachel Divide is about Rachel Dolzale who was born into a white family with Swedish/German heritage extending back almost 300 years, but insists she is black.
Except she’s not. She is as white as, so it’s all in her head which I would have thought makes it a mental health issue. Narcissism? Vanity? Attention seeking? Some kind of body dysmorphia?
I don’t know, but in this era of identity politics, switch race for gender. 
As many African Americans point out in the documentary, this is indeed a case of white privilege because she can do all the black schtick and cultural appropriation stuff without actually having to walk the walk of discrimination they have lived with all their lives. It’s the equivalent of putting on black face but she doesn’t even do that although years ago she did try to artificially colour herself.
In her mind, although she has since admitted that she was born into a white family and is white, her get out of jail free card is one we hear all too often these days with people trying to strike a pose, when she says she ‘identifies as black’ because she believes race is a social construct.
This is delusion on stilts.
So on that basis any of us could identify as a horse or an FJ Holden but that doesn’t make us either. It’s all in our heads
Dolezal is now 41 with two black sons who are at the butt end of her lifestyle choice.
Somehow, in all her whiteness, she actually made it to become President of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP, (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People) until she was forced to resigned when a journalist actually asked her the obvious question that nobody dared to ask up until that point: Are you black/coloured? Her response was  “what do you mean, I’m not sure I understand the question”. Like, hello?? What do you mean, what do I mean??
What do you mean you don’t understand the question? He could have added a follow up question: Are you thick?
Although it’s a cliche it is one of those classic moments, at the beginning of the film, where someone actually points out that, ‘the emperor has no clothes’. This again underscores and highlights how, due to political correctness, tolerance, inclusion and diversity people are intimidated into not calling out the obvious and in so doing, intimidating you into respecting a total fraud.