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Many people following the US elections are wondering how Trump is going to campaign when the 4 bogus court cases have been deliberately scheduled to impact, interrupt and spike his campaigning schedule.

It’s the ultimate in election rigging and interference using lawfare.

How in those circumstances, can he can possibly get any clean air and successfully campaign at all?


Trump being Trump and keeping in mind that he is the ultimate marketer, promoter and ringmaster he will simply make the court cases the central focus of his campaign.

The court cases will actually be the campaign. It will be the equivalent of Biden campaigning from the basement in 2020, only better and even more relevant, consequential and juicy.

Would the media dare not cover it?

If the positive reaction to his mugshot is any indication and because the Georgia case will be live streamed, the media, like moths to the flame, will be compelled to double as his promotional wing.

Talk about turning your lemon into lemonade!!!