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The questions most people want answered about The Voice are very basic.

What will be it’s reach, scope, dimension and overall ambit and limitations? In other words what will it look like.

How will the Voice guarantee and avoid being a plaything by proxy activists using race to achieve marginally tangential or even totally unrelated political goals by other means, with votes in parliament then being cast on the basis of emotional blackmail for fear of individuals or an entire party being referred to as racists and bigots, rather than voting on practical realities and the national interest?

Short answer – It can’t.

Just about any major infrastructure project, a mine here, a pipeline, dam or a road there, could be fashioned, forged and spun into being a project that effects aboriginal people, their traditions and heritage.

Think, the Hindmarsh Island Bridge controversy and Secret Women’s Business which the Royal Commission found to be a total fabrication.

Allow me to call this early. We proceed with the amendment to the constitution at our national peril.