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With 80% of aboriginals living their lives as ordinary Australians, the one single project the voice should be focussed on is the question of how it will go about improving the lives of the 20% of aboriginals living on or below the margins.

Nothing else matters.

That should be it’s sole, unremitting goal. If they can’t manage that and the voice is just and excuse to strut and preen and to get a seat at the top table then the very existence of the voice is pointless and it should be disbanded.

If, on the other hand the voice can manage this sole unremitting goal, a task that has alluded all before it, no matter the political colour of the government of the day or the budget, then having achieved that goal the voice should also similarly be disbanded as it purpose will have been served.

This is why it shouldn’t be embedded in the constitution because with the core, raison d’etre, mission accomplished, there will be mission creep with the voice seeking to broaden its remit, and seeking out areas that aren’t within its stated ambit of “matters that concern them