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Just expanding on a theme in the letters in the Monday Australian, December 4 2022, they’re going about embedding the Voice in the constitution in the wrong way. In fact, they’ve got it back to front.

It would be like paying up front for a new, never before seen computer with a new, never before seen or tested operating system, that hasn’t even been built yet on the promise that it will work flawlessly with your current system.

A bit like buying nuclear submarines from France and retrofitting them to run on diesel. What could possibly go wrong?

Why not set it up first, let it operate with full transparency, out in the open for 3 or 5 years, let people make suggestions as to how it can be enhanced or not and see the extent of its gambit and operation.

In other words, try before you buy.

Get the kinks out, tweak and trim, make certain the bugs are features and not just bugs and that it’s running smoothly before talking about taking it to a referendum as the finished product.

Once a feature of the constitution it becomes inviolate and untouchable complete with all the bugs and kinks, accidental and deliberate.

The main concern is how such a platform could be manipulated and become a proxy forum for activists on other issues like mining and climate. Think, Qld Land Court decision last week.

It wouldn’t be difficult to shoehorn just about any issue to be relevant to aboriginal people.

At the moment they want us to buy it sight unseen with the government, unconstitutionally, only funding the yes case.

This fact alone is unprecedented and raises the index of suspicion and straight away you just know the fix is in.

We wouldn’t accept this, sight unseen in our personal life, neither should we accept it in our national life.