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They say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.


The same could be said about the friends of Malcolm Turnbull and their parlour game of pretends in their quest to get out in front of history and confect their own version in advance by asking the same question over and over because they don’t like the answer. This is all in anticipation and a forlorn childlike hope that the answer to their question will somehow come up differently if they only just keep asking.


Just a reminder for the slow learners at the back of the class as to why Turnbull is no longer PM.


For starters, in a ongoing display of his appalling lack of political judgement, his inability to read the room and in an act of dopey MALadroit and ham-fisted political self-harm, Turnbull called the initial spill himself. It doesn’t get much more clumsy or inept than that.


Apart from that there was his own metric of 30+ losing Newspolls, the trashing of Abbott’s landslide to one seat, a failure to get into the ring and lay a glove on Bill Shorten, and with a Wentworth world view, a distinct lack of ability to connect with average Australians.


Then of course there was the loss of five by elections in one weekend when the by election metric for Abbott was the pretext that he might lose just one, the seat of Canning in WA.


Add to the mix, in a case of what goes around comes around, the manner in which he clamoured and clawed his way over the bodies of Peter King, Brendon Nelson and Tony Abbott to get to the top.


It’s not that complicated.