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If there’s any good to come of Thorburn-Gate it is that it exposes once and for all just how disgustingly phony and misguided these human rights commissioners are.

Human rights commissions, which have been around since the 1970’s are another  of those institutions that, if not created and peopled by the left, have certainly been marched through and politicised by the left.

As Dennis Green the coach of the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals said after their brutal loss to the Chicago Bears in 2006:

“They are what we thought they were” 

A human is an individual person or persons. Essendon is a corporation. A club, a sporting bureaucracy.

It doesn’t have a pulse.

But the Victorian Human Rights Commissioner sides with the club and of course, “their values”.

The man who compiled the English dictionary, Samuel Johnson once said that “patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel” perhaps that should be revised as “values are the last refuge of the corporation and bureaucracy”

Notice how, in an endeavour to soften and create an impression of warmth, decency and caring, cold, unfeeling corporations and bureaucracy always hide behind and talk about “their values”.

The left understands the power of language and words and “values” is another of those break glass in an emergency, “go to” words that has been hijacked, manipulated and deployed in an endeavour to put a human face and character on the impenetrable, inhuman and amorphous.