With the annual torrential monsoon rain in northern Queensland which simply flows to sea, how can it be that we have an NBN drawn up on the back of an envelope, cobbled together and costing upwards of $51 billion and which with the march of technology and 5G in a matter of weeks or months, will eventually be obsolete, yet for the want of a bit of redirection via a few snowy like channels and tunnels and a similar amount of money, don’t have the political wit or will to create a NWN (National Water Network) which by its very nature, would never become obsolete.

With the NWN there will no need for the rough, back of the envelope draft either as the planning was done decades ago by Jack Beale and John Bradfield and sits in the bottom draw. Australia doesn’t lack water, it lacks will

I guess water, like reliable, affordable and available coal fired energy is just not techy or sexy enough.

Until you don’t have it, that is.