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In the spirit of Christmas I would like to cut Labor and the opposition some slack.

I don’t think either actually believe in their energy policy or that it will somehow magically lower the global temperature but have been sucked into the climate quicksand to such an extent that the politics of one up-manship and perceived political advantage for both sides has led them down a rabbit hole from which they find it impossible to escape.

Now they’re in the perilous position where they can’t be talked down off the ledge and almost have to jump to prove their point taking the rest of us and the national economy with them.

It’s not too late to climb down.

What’s required is less climate nonsense and more climate commonsense.

Our politicians are just ordinary people from ordinary towns, cities and suburbs across Australia who just happened on politics as a vocation. A bit like an ordinary well adjusted teenager that’s been led astray to a life of drugs and crime.

But for the suited class it’s the drug of political power and the bright lights of the Canberra bubble.

In their quieter moments, away from the hurly burly, the bluster and the bloviating of parliament and the party room where the gee each other up, they must know from their god given powers of deduction that renewables can’t cut it up against nuclear, gas or coal and what they’re are proposing is doomed to failure.

It’s the same fond belief that you can triple your Sydney population and not increase your water supply with more storage facilities.

It takes many decades but such a do-nothing approach will eventually be doomed to failure.

It’s definitely time for a great reset but not that one. Not the Schwaby reset.

Just an ordinary reset will do. A reset to time when common sense, logic and reason prevailed and were the guiding principles that made Australia great.

And dare I say, can make Australia great again.