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It’s quite amazing how many people with the sleepwalk to the edge of the ledge and the drift of America into becoming a tyrannical, hard left, authoritarian state after the next presidential election, slough off the idea that it will have any impact on the rest of the world.

Understand this — This is a global project and NOT America specific and for the slow learners, global also means Australia

It is a live and active project right now and has been for decades.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, with his quiet part out loud sentiments yesterday at the Labor conference, that “Labor’s goal is to transform and change Australia” bells the cat It all starts to crystallise and dovetails perfectly with the scope and dimension of the international agenda

It’s all part of a piece.

Trump unexpectedly (to the left) temporarily derailed the project and that’s why they’re determined to take him out of contention by tying him up for most of next year in lawfare with back to back and overlapping court cases so there no time to campaign.

To make absolutely clear what’s going on with the well developed and advanced global agenda of the left, a listen to today’s Monica Crowley podcast is a must when she interviews Mel Kaye.

It is by any definition, terrifying stuff and is happening now.

Pick it up at the 6 minute mark