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Pauline Hanson’s motion “its ok to be white” may have been badly drafted and clumsily delivered and perhaps, because of her history she shouldn’t have been the one trying to make a very serious point that needs to be made and should have been made a long time ago.

That message should have come from the very top. With Pauline Hanson as the messenger it was always going to be characterised and sloughed off as just another Hanson stunt and lose its potency.

Of course it wouldn’t have been necessary if we actually had leadership in this country at all levels, state and federal that stood up and spoke up and knocked these things on the head the minute they arose. Our leaders talk the talk of inclusion, tolerance,  diversity and cohesion but say and do nothing, (even the sledgehammer of the threat of funding) when necessary. It’s almost as if they’re just too scared to speak up assert their authority and say what needs to be said for fear of offending. The thinking being that if they ignore it, it will simply fade away.

Just the opposite is true. Wishing it away and pretending will simply embolden and encourage more of the same as it becomes a fixture from pre-school through to university.

The recently coined neologisms, “white privilege” and it’s twin, “toxic masculinity” represent the latest and most dangerous weaponisation of words and are key planks in the culture wars and identity politics designed by Marxists embedded in the social science and humanities departments of academe and deployed by their enablers at the ABC,The Guardian, The Greens and the far left of Labor to foment disaffection, discord and division and manipulate the minds of the easily influenced who mindlessly parrot today’s talking points from party central.

What next, eugenics 2.0?

Most people are perplexed, confused and angered by the entire racist notion that their success or failure derives from their skin colour and quite rightly attribute any perceived privilege to the same free education available to all, goal setting, application and hard work. If white skin were the determinant of privilege, then how come we’re not all brain surgeons living in Wentworth?

The fact that the very idea that the linguistic cancer of “white privilege” has been allowed to metastasise into the public service of South Australia and god knows where else is again an illustration of the dearth of leadership in Australia and the West generally.