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“No such thing as Israel (Judea), huh?”

It’s an amazing but a time honoured tactic, how you can change, whitewash and delete history by simply changing the name.

The Romans under emperor Hadrian knew and understood the long term benefit of this when he changed the name from Judea (keyword) to Syria/Palestina after the Jewish insurrection in 132AD.

It was pure politics.

Put down the rebellion, change the name and the people and the nation that preceded the events therefore never existed.

It was all about the humiliation of the Jews and the elimination of Judea as a place.

It wasn’t just whitewashing and deleting history but whitewashing and deleting the people who lived there.

Control, Alt, Delete. And that’s why it’s not on the map. But history, like the internet never forgets.

It goes on even today with certain words and phrases hijacked and purloined to mean something they never did.

And the ignorant, unread, uneducated useful idiots and rent a rabble on the streets in the West with their mindless, synchronised, repetitive chanting are non the wiser. They are clueless.

No such thing as Israel? Huh?

So the Biblical references to Judea, Israel and the Land of Israel as far back as Genesis and well before the Romans and National Geographic in 1947, must have it wrong then, I guess.