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Those howling at the moon tell us that we should accept the likes of the transgender Lia Thomas smashing women’s swim records and the sport itself but when was the last time you heard of a transgendered female to male swimmer tearing up the pool lane against men in such a fashion and breaking all the records and smashing mens swimming?

You haven’t. And you wont.


Because the transgendered female to male is still a female (just as the transgendered male to female is still a male) with all the same female bone and muscle features of a female.

She will always be a second rate male because she isn’t one. To use the term most favoured by the left, she is a “social construct”.

She will always be a mediocre performer when swimming as a male just as a flyweight boxer up against a heavyweight is mediocre in that contest.


Wishing it so, doesn’t make it so.


In either case, you may have identical skill sets and technique but in both cases they’re out of their league.