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I imagine Labor is sitting back feeling pretty smug at the moment as they watch the conflagration and implosion of the Liberals but they too better be careful and understand that this entire debacle foundered on the rock of climate and renewables and the spiralling cost of an essential service and therefore the treacherous shoals of climate politics and energy applies equally to them.
Many people were prepared to go with the flow on the boutique renewable fiction so long as it didn’t effect their hip pocket but now with the constant reminder in each and every electricity bill,  they are starting to come to the realisation and understand that this climate wet dream comes at a brutal cost to family homes in the burbs and the boonies.
It was Kevin Rudd in 2007 who said that the transition from traditional energy to renewables would cost $1 per person per day. That was based on modelling by “experts” at Monash University. It was just another one of the great climate lies of our time.
In effect, each electricity bill has become a proxy how to vote card and an ongoing reminder, four times a year that there is a cost attached and it’s much more than $1 per person per day.
The other thing Labor should understand is that people are sick of having our sovereignty sold out to Paris and the U.N. on energy and more recently on immigration.
This recasting of the Liberal product as a party of the centre left under Turnbull should never have happened. The result was so predictable just as in 2009 when Turnbull was cast out of the leadership for the exact same reason as today.
But now they’ve made the decision to break with the past it would be unwise to be half hearted about it. You’re not going to please everyone so get on with it. Scrap Paris, cut immigration, promise an inquiry into nuclear and fund several coal fired power stations. If people (the left) are going to hate your guts you may as well give them something really big, a really big reason to hate your guts.
On those issues alone the Liberals will straight away give voters something to vote for and something to hope for. Voters will see that the Libs of old are back in town and mean business. Straight away the Liberals will have created a political product differentiation.
If they don’t, straight off the bat demonstrate some far reaching, dynamic vision I doubt if the Libs can win the next election due to Turnbull trashing the 2013 Abbott landslide. With a one seat majority they can’t afford to lose a single seat.
Given all of that I also suspect they’ll be a backlash against Labor and their pursuit of all manner of identity groups, and the entire diversity, inclusion and white privilege meme so the Liberals have got to go hard and hammer these issues straight out of the blocks as not representing the ordinary Australian worker and their day to day concerns about jobs and bread on the table and housing affordability.
People see and understand that these issues as being divisive and as in the US, UK and Europe people have found their voice and will shift their vote to parties with a more traditional approach.
Apart from that, Labor have made it clear they intend to interfere more in the day to day personal interactions by introducing religion into human rights legislation so as to give Australia its first ever blasphemy law.
We know which religion that is meant to protect and promote.
Because Labor may well be in government, they won’t necessarily be in power, with the Greens calling the shots. To this end and under the guise of tackling debt, I’d also be watching out for the lefts signature  “progressive” policies such as the introduction of death duties, a deemed income (and associated tax) for home owners and Capital Gains Tax on the family home.