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Yeah, maybe. Don’t hold your breath.

“….When the campaign smoke clears after Election Day, and Americans see the president they elected, the reputation of the media will lie among the ruins. The art of journalism has taken a pasting as a source of credible information. Masters of the press can blame only themselves, but they won’t do that. The losers are the innocent and naive who think the media preserves the distinction between fact and fiction. The notion that the press should give light and let the people find their own way has evaporated in the newsrooms.

Only the purposely uninformed could miss the intensity of the rancor of the campaign that mercifully ends Tuesday with the election of either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. The Donald has absorbed most of the anger of a major media hell-bent on magnifying his negatives and shortcomings and minimizing Hillary‘s. A new AP/Gfk poll finds that nearly 6 of every 10 likely voters say that coverage has been tilted against the Donald, fewer than 1 in 10 think it favors him and only 4 in 10 think the coverage is fair and balanced.

Only 32 percent of Americans, according to Gallup polling, say they have “a fair amount or a great deal of trust” in the accounts of the news they read and hear. Taken with the AP/Gfk poll reporting heavy bias in Hillary’s favor, it’s clear the media, or what in its glory days was called “the press,” deserves a failing grade for coverage of the 2016 campaign. Voters deserve better….”   Requiem for responsible journalism