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“…The ABC has thrown its huge taxpayer-funded weight behind the campaign to change the date of Australia Day.  So has another state governor – almost inevitably now of the unrepresentative Left. 

They are backed by violent protesters, but let me list the reasons they are wrong. Changing the date solves nothing. Many protesters are angry that Australia was “invaded” by the British. But that “invasion” happened, as did all that flowed from that. Denial won’t change that fact. Changing the date will help those of the Left who deny history – specifically the fact that much that makes Australian society so free and rich is in fact the legacy of British settlement. Virtually none of it comes from Aboriginal settlement. This is why anti-capitalists and Greens are so dominant in the change-the-date movement. Changing Australia Day will stop us from facing up to the real problems holding back Aboriginal Australians…” Seven sins of the change-Australia-Day movement