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A bit of history about the open borders and unbridled refugee advocates at work in Australia. They are now writing to those on Manus and Nauru suggesting they don’t accept relocation to the first world country of the United States. The activists/advocates are obviously fearful that (just like the Palestinian refugee situation that’s been bubbling since 1948 and the Israel BDS crowd) that if the problem is ever sorted they’ll be left without a cause.

“….Labor introduced detention camps for illegal arrivals. Under the Abbott and Turnbull governments, 17 of Labor’s camps have been closed and no boats have reached Australia in 847 days but Australians are still paying the cost of managing the legacy caseload of about 30,000 unresolved asylum cases of people who arrived on illegal boats on Labor’s watch. Labor, and its media lapdogs at Fairfax and the ABC, are fed their lines by the Refugee Action Coalition (RAC), which has strong links to the Socialist/Trotskyist organisation Solidarity, though it claims to be an unaffiliated grassroots campaign group.

RAC wants no less than open borders and permanent residency and full rights for all arrivals, with full funding for resettlement. It wants to decriminalise people smuggling and the release of those imprisoned for engaging in the evil industry. Ian Rintoul, the most quoted RAC figure, was according to Margot O’Neill’s book 2009 book Blind Conscience, a founding member of the International Socialist Organisation in the 1970s, and left it in 2013 to become a founding member of Solidarity. The ISO boasted on its website that it wanted to smash the capitalist system and Rintoul didn’t rule out using force to do so. O’Neill wrote: “He’s the personification of the ageing revolutionary, still dreaming of a workers’ paradise.”

According to Wikipedia, sometimes useful, Solidarity is a Trotskyist organisation in Australia, formed in 2008 from a merger between groups emerging from the International Socialist tradition: the International Socialist Organisation (ISO), Socialist Action Group and Solidarity.

According to Solidarity’s website: “The name Solidarity invokes one of the basic values of working class struggle — standing together in the fight for our rights. But it also stands for the wider solidarity we want to see uniting those fighting for change around different issues into a united fightback against the capitalist system and the ruthless drive for profits that dominates our world. Parliament, the army, the police and the courts are institutions of the capitalist state.

“The state’s role is to maintain the dominance of the corporate ruling class over the rest of society. It cannot be taken over and used by the working class. While parliament can be a platform for socialists and while the outcome of elections matter, real change doesn’t come through parliament. It is won by mass action in strikes, protests and demonstrations…” Ship of fools who cry for open borders