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In reading about Deputy Police Commissioner, Cath Burn’s thinking in this you wonder if she would hold to the same view and the same thinking if the hostage taker had been Asian/Bhuddist or any other ethno/religious group.

I suspect not. Just THIS particular ethno/religious group.

This if course leads to the next conclusion and that is that the general pandering to this lot by the politically correct, the police and the politicians is what has led us to this ridiculous and absurd situation.

A classic case of the tail wagging the dog.

“…Instead of maintaining a fixed focus on the 2014 siege to the exclusion of all else, they actually devoted time and thought to something that was never going to happen and in fact never has happened to any great extent. The “backlash against Muslims” is a modern myth. Yet here was NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Cath Burn last week explaining her siege strategy.

“I needed to emphasise community harmony while urging people to provide any information that could help,” she told the inquest.

“It was paramount that my messaging conveyed tolerance so as not to fuel anger which might have led to bias-motivated crime.”

The families and friends of the two people who were killed in the Martin Place siege might wonder at a senior police official who believed her primary role was to “emphasise community harmony” while a maniac held 18 hostages. Community harmony at that point was not really on the table.

And why would any senior police officer be thinking about “bias-motivated crimes” that haven’t yet occurred while a bias-motivated crime, one that would eventually cost two lives, was at that very moment underway? Deal with the now, Deputy Commissioner, not the future…” The Siege Mentality Was Totally Missing