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The source of Adam Bandt’s rant against Major General (now Senator) Jim Molan:
“….Di Natale’s source is even worse than Britain First. That “UN special rapporteur” is Swiss academic Jean Ziegler, a radical who once claimed genocidal Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe had “history and morality with him”.
Ziegler not only helped launch the “Moammar Gaddafi Prize on Human Rights” in honour of the Libyan dictator, but won it along with Castro, French Holocaust denier Roger Garaudy and the “Stone Throwing Children of Occupied Palestine”.
He also proclaimed “total support for the Cuban revolution” and defended the Hezbollah terrorist organisation as a “national resistance movement”, while calling the US an “imperialist dictatorship”.
Small wonder his accusations of coalition war crimes were denied by the US.
Yet the Greens take the word of this apologist for dictators to trash Jim Molan. Isn’t politics today vile?”
The Major General vs The Major Weasel