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Stan Grant reminds me of a historical and cultural drive-by arsonist who casually flicks the cigarette butt out the window into the long dry grass in full knowledge that it would be a dog whistle to the anarchic activists, vandals and revisionists to foment trouble whilst remaining above the fray as he drives on.

What doesn’t seem to be understood by Stan Grant and others in the aboriginal grievance industry, is that their ungracious and bitter attitude, is undermining the decency and goodwill of average Australians and more specifically, the prospects (already remote) of a yes vote at the Constitutional Recognition referendum.

Grant is missing in action when it comes to the tough stuff and would rather seek a headline, relevance and applause from fellow armchair activists and the ABC, when the likes of Twiggy Forrest, Jacinta Price and others are trying to get exposure of the alcohol fuelled violence and child abuse in remote communities?

He is typical of those aboriginal elites that have derived immense benefits from the events that have directly flowed from 26 January 1788 but if he’s not careful he will end up as reviled as Yassmin Abdul Magid.