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Do not adjust your set. All you need to know about how worthless this Liberal Party in-house exercise in existential naval gazing is, is contained in the first sentence. This denial and suspension of reality, this post truth, is worthy of the Monty Python, Black Knight, “it’s just a flesh wound” sketch.

“The team reviewing the Turnbull government’s calamitous election campaign were given strict instructions not to focus on the PM’s own performance”.

Turnbull told Neil Mitchell on 3AW this morning

“..The buck stops with the boss, I’m responsible for the election campaign. I’m responsible for the conduct of it. I’m responsible for the victory. Remember we won..”

Remember we won??

What sort of deluded sentiment is that?

NO Malcolm. YOU lost. You lost big time. Tony Abbott won in 2013 landslide. Malcolm YOU lost so badly, you and the party are now on a knife edge. Focus on Liberals campaign ignores issues that mattered



“…The reviewers, led by former Liberal Party director Andrew Robb, were advised Malcolm Turnbull and the parliamentary party’s failings were off-limits in their official review into the federal election campaign.

Astonishingly, the review has barely touched on the leadership transition from Tony Abbott to Turnbull. Some would argue the transition is a crucial factor in how the party fared at the election and should have been examined.

Also outside of the terms of reference were Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison’s kite-flying on economic policy, which may have played into the government’s performance during the campaign.

The review had a narrow scope of the eight weeks of the campaign. Within that remit, the review is understood to have made the pointed observation that the Liberal Party needs greater understanding of what the electorate wants, and they have been flying blind on that front from 2013 to 2016.

In simpler words, they’re out of touch..”