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Remember the faux indignation and confected outrage over this Ted Kennedy inspired collusion with Russia in 1983? Me either.

“…The Daily Signal reminds us that in 1983 there was collusion with the Russians to influence the U.S. presidential race only this time the collusion wasn’t imaginary. It was Democrat Sen. Ted Kennedy offering to work with the KGB to defeat Ronald Reagan. Ted Kennedy Colluded With Russia to Subvert a Presidential Election


In a secret letter written to Soviet General Sec. Yuri Andropov, Kennedy said he was eager to “counter the militaristic policies” of Reagan and “undermine his prospects for re-election in 1984.” His plan had everything. Fake news, a pliant opposition media, and a cutout to keep him from direct contact with the KGB.
Kennedy said he could work with the American big three news networks to engineer positive new coverage for Andropov and other Soviet officials. Kennedy was so confident of having the media in his pocket that he said he could persuade then nationally known anchors Walter Cronkite and Barbara Walters to travel to Moscow to do softball interviews with the Soviet premier.
The idea was to contrast the peace-loving Soviets with the war-mongering Reagan and persuade the American people to believe the fake news and vote Democrat.
There was no investigation of Kennedy. No trial. No public humiliation. He got more bad press for drunkenly chasing coeds in Florida than he did for attempting to subvert a presidential election.
You know I don’t often agree with President Trump. But I do think he’s right when he talks about a “rigged” system in Washington, D.C…”