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“..Did he say it? Did she say it? It must be one of those fabricated memories that psychologists talk about. I thought I heard the French Ambassador say that the perpetrator of the attack in Nice, Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, didn’t fit the Islamic terrorist profile because he had a night life and was a gym junkie or some such. I thought I heard Julie Bishop express a “hope” that this would be the last of such incidents. Clearly I am going around the bend; inventing comments that are clearly so inane that they could not possibly have been made.
The Excuse Factory
I am going to take a guess. With his Tunisian heritage and a name like Mohamed, I bet he was a Muslim. And his motive — another shot in the dark — was to kill infidels. And to complete this exercise in wild supposition, his inspiration was his poisonous religion. At one level he might have been directed or inspired by ISIS or by Al-Qaeda or Ansar al-Sharia or Al-Shabaab or Boko Haram, the list goes depressingly on and on. It doesn’t matter; there is a common factor and a common foe. It is Islam. And some fools think it will end once ISIS is defeated.

Comparable steadfastness is not common among the Western political elite. Their ranks are replete with contortionists. Yet another Muslim killing in the name of Allah prompts soul-searching about the real underlying cause. Was he, she or they economically disadvantaged; socially excluded; mentally unstable; prone to criminality or, perchance, to workplace violence? The bleeding obvious being too painful for them to absorb, they twist this way and that to find something which has a more familiar secular ring to it. Out of this delusional mindset springs delusional hope…”