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It’s only when you see these 7 bullet points set together, side by side, that you realise just how stark the similarities really are —

Among the tactics promoted by Obama in common with the Nazis are:

1..An obsession with race.  The Nazis maliciously and falsely claimed that the supposed inferiority of various racial groups throughout Europe was responsible for all the theoretical ills of society.  In the United States, the left blames non-existent “systemic racism” by the White population for American society’s theoretical ills.

2…”Identity politics” or the promulgation of grievance-riddled policies by government favored groups against unfavored groups in order to destabilize society.  Hitler fomented anger at Jews in Germany and in America the left isolates white, heterosexual Christians.

3…Wokeism” or “cancel culture.”  The Nazis staged book burnings and incessant public and media intimidation to shut down any person, publication, or institution that did not align with accepted ideology.  In America, the left uses incessant social and mainstream media intimidation to do the same.

4…The Nazis manipulated a willingly allied German mainstream media to relentlessly regurgitate outright lies, fabrications, and propaganda in order to indoctrinate and deceive the populace.  The American Left currently manipulates a willingly allied American mainstream media to do the same.  Per Nazi dogma:  “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. …[as] the truth is the greatest enemy of the state.”

5…Both the Nazis and the Democrats established a financially beneficial rapport with the corporate class.  In Germany, it was the industrialists and in America Wall Street and Silicon Valley billionaires.  Both authoritarian parties did so by promising the corporate class they would be left alone and given near-monopoly status if they mindlessly and generously supported the Party.

6…The Nazis mobilized the Brown Shirts to provoke street riots, property damage, and gratuitous violence in order to intimidate the populace and marginalize the opposition.  Their American counterparts have done the same with Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

7…Both the Nazis and the American left fabricated or grossly exaggerated events, such as the Reichstag fire in 1933 or January 6, 2021, in order to turn the citizenry against their political opposition and justify an expansion of their political and police power.

Among the contemporary end-products of these Nazi-originated tactics is the political persecution and jailing without trial the January 6th defendants charged with simple misdemeanors and the ongoing premeditated abuse of government mandates to exploit the Covid-19 pandemic.  Both tactics are aimed at browbeating the citizenry into meekly accepting a quasi-police state.

In the furtherance of fascist economic policy of centralized planning and control with a veneer of capitalism, the American left and the Democrat party have become closely aligned with and supported by favored unions and major corporations in pharmaceuticals, banking, finance, social media, health care, and the media/entertainment complex.  All the while undermining new business creation and destroying existing small businesses as well as major corporations not in lockstep with the regime.

The purpose of the “Build Back Better Act” currently winding its way through Congress is to expand control of people’s lives by reshaping and permanently putting control of all aspects of the economy in the hands of politicians and bureaucrats.

Despite decades of unprecedented prosperity and access to information, far too many Democrat voters are among the most gullible people on earth.  By mindlessly voting for the Democrats, these same fools are complicit in denigrating the nation’s founding, denying its accomplishments, and degrading the future for their progeny, all the while incomprehensibly ignoring and downplaying how their own world-leading standard of living came to be.

With so many not knowing who or what they are voting for, it is little wonder that the United States faces so many crises today…”