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“..Using the ACTU’s reasoning, employers should now be able to disobey employment laws that don’t suit them, laws that they deem to be unfair and unjust. Those of us against section 18C and laws relating to so-called racial discrimination should now go about offending to our hearts content. After all, according to the union movement, it is our right to disobey those laws we don’t agree with. What a field day we will all have.

It is now plain for all to see that the CMFEU and the ACTU are anarchists and deserve the condemnation of responsible people. There are many of us who do not believe in certain laws for certain reasons. However, the way to change a bad law is through the democratic process..”

Carryn McLean, Kingsley, WA

“..New ACTU secretary Sally McManus displays the same attitude towards the law as her fellow leftists display towards free speech — fine as long as they agree with it..”

Sholto Douglas, Naremburn, NSW

“..The flaw in Sally McManus’s naive justification for supporting the breaking of “unjust” laws is that judging what’s unjust is based on self-interest. Laws are enacted by elected governments. By McManus’s standard, anyone can break the law if they consider it unsuited to their desires. This is called anarchy..”

Mark Awerbuch, Crafers, SA