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Let us not forget that this is almost the same Labor frontbench that let us down last time.

Francis Smith, Caulfield North, Vic

Listen up, you lot. This is the big one. The wrong decision will have us ending up, sooner rather than later, like Greece.

Ron Elphick, Buff Point, NSW

We’re about to find out how many of the people have been fooled for how long and by whom.

M. F. Horton, Adelaide, SA

Bill Shorten says the Labor Party would get tough on 457 visa applications. Why should we believe him? Thousands of foreigners were allowed into this country by the Rudd-Gillard Labor governments.

Michael J. Gamble, Belmont, Vic

Polling day at last. The circus prepares to pack up, the big top comes down. The elephants can take a break from bowing, the bears can stop riding bicycles, the lions can stop swishing their tails, and the acrobats can stop flying. And the clowns can take off their make-up.

Crispin Walters, Chapel Hill, Qld

We shouldn’t dislike long election campaigns. Millions of people don’t have free and fair elections. And a boring campaign is preferable to an exciting and violent one.

Rod Matthews, Fairfield, Vic

I take back every harsh word and suggestions of bias I ever uttered against Leigh Sales. Her compelling and charming manner on Thursday night’s 7.30 had Bill Shorten looking like a hunted fox.

Peter Curlewis, Yass, NSW