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We should be tolerant of the cultures that make up society. We are reminded of this by the progressive Left on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this tolerance does not extend to anyone with a different point of view. According to this minority, free speech is only permitted if they agree with what is being said. The Left needs to understand that this leads to no one being able to speak freely.

K. Bell, Paradise Point, Qld

Why is it that Muslims in Australia are allowed to let their children brandish signs with words such as “behead those who oppose the prophet”, but when someone such as TV personality Sonia Kruger suggests we should review Muslim migration she is howled down?

Howard Hutchins, Chirnside Park, Vic

Is the right term “kaffir-phobia” or “enlightenment al-phobia”?

Don Anderson, Ballarat, Vic

A moving article, Paul Kelly (“A generation where sacrifice had no bounds”, 25/7). Thank you. That a group of 1300 Australians, minus Malcolm Turnbull, gathered at Pozieres to pay tribute to the Anzacs who suffered 24,139 casualties in the offensive launched 100 years ago on July 23, tells us much about who honours sacrifice, and who doesn’t.
Mandy Macmillan, Singleton, NSW

The next parliamentary sitting is not until August 30. So nothing meaningful will be achieved in the interim. This is hardly alarming though. It’s a strikingly similar situation to the whole period since Malcolm Turnbull took over this prevaricating, do nothing mob of pseudo conservatives.

Steve Atkins, Berowra Heights, NSW

Affirmative action is a discriminatory policy that assumes all things being equal, women (in this case) are not capable of having their qualities outshine those of men. The focus should be on equality of opportunity and the rest will follow. Furthermore, proponents of affirmative action show astonishing hypocrisy in that they are only too willing to give up opportunities of those with the “wrong” race, religion or gender in the name of equality, though would never be willing to give up their own position. It’s easy to espouse equal representation if someone else is willing to pay.

John Geles, Regents Park, Qld

When Jennie George (Letters, 25/7) says the test is deeds not words in promoting women to the shadow ministry, she speaks the truth. But equal opportunity does not match equality of outcome. Affirmative action dressed up as fairness is a prescription for failure because it ignores the talents of those given the inside running as well as those discriminated against by such actions.

I left the Labor Party before discriminatory preselections were introduced. When the party decided that women would have only to obtain 80 per cent of the votes of a male in any preselection, the message Labor sent was that it thought women were only 80 per cent as talented as men.

I have got used to my views not being shared, particularly by those who expect to benefit from affirmative action. They will doubtless give me a label. However, I have gone through life judging people on the basis of deeds not words.
Ron Owers, Mollymook, NSW