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What Thinking Australians Are Thinking…

Proponents of marriage equality predicted that a plebiscite would cause hostility, bigotry and potential violence and, true to their word, they have instigated all three.

Tony Hennessy, Casino, NSW

Christian groups prevented from holding a meeting in a Sydney hotel as staff are threatened by marriage equality group — welcome to Australia’s night of the brown shirts.

Simon Cox, New Farm, Qld

So the real bigots are those who call bigots bigots.

Henry Herzog, St Kilda East, Vic

Alexis de Tocqueville wrote that although democracy must assure the expression of the common will by the majority, there was always the danger the majority would tyrannise the minority. What he didn’t foresee was the minority oppressing the majority.

George Fishman, Vaucluse, NSW

The time has come to call out the Greens for what they really are — the true bigots of society. They are the ones who are intolerant of other peoples’ opinions. Unfortunately, I agree with George Brandis’s view that even bigots have the right to voice an opinion.

Riley Brown, Bondi Beach, NSW

It seems that the troglofauna emerging from their rocky habitats are the colours of the rainbow.

Kim Keogh, East Fremantle, WA

The same-sex marriage plebiscite is rapidly becoming a test of the right to hold an opinion or belief.

David Meredith, Singleton, NSW

Forbidden to challenge the sensibilities of the emotionally fragile, fiction writers must stick to their own cultural identity (“New age nonsense declares war on writer’s imagination”, 17/9). Does it mean that a woman is barred from creating male characters, and vice versa? What about historical fiction? Hilary Mantel should be warned, although Thomas Cromwell is hardly in a position to take offence. The politically correct have written the 11th commandment: “Thou shalt not invade the safe cultural space of others.” And so fiction evolves from dust jacket to straitjacket.

Elizabeth Moser, Newtown, Vic