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What thinking Australians are Thinking. (This first one nails the issue)

The hypocrisy of the AHRC is appalling. On the one hand, they allege abuse and violence against women and children asylum seekers is taking place on Nauru, when to all appearances it is not, but then they don’t want any discussion to take place about proven abusive behaviour taking place in Aboriginal communities.

Roy Kington, Castle Hill, NSW

Offering various designated “victim” groups protections, such as 18C, in the long run does nothing more than entrench their victimised status.

B. Lannock, Melbourne, Vic

A casual glance back at the hundreds of cartoons Bill Leak has drawn for this paper shows he has stereotyped many white people. We’ve seen white people portrayed as hipsters, gangsters, bogans, and other not so desirable citizens.

Of course, the political cartoonist needs to work with the most salient features of the group he or she is illustrating, but where is the white outrage? Can we expect a mass law suit? As someone with indigenous ancestry, I have been deeply unoffended by his offerings.

Anthony Dillon, Strathfield, NSW

Bill Leak’s courage and insight highlight a core issue for many indigenous kids. Casual, indifferent, even intermittent parenting is a fact of life for many of them. Burying this fact under the guise of an empty, self-serving political correctness can only make life tougher for these youngsters. Let’s follow Bill Leak’s honesty and begin to talk about successful parenting with indigenous communities — talk with, not to, both adults and kids for a happier, more stable home life for everyone.

M. Cunningham, Victor Harbor, SA

Memo to the Orwellian and utterly inappropriately named AHRC. What happened to the basic human right (and indeed our fundamental responsibility to society) for us to think reasonably and rationally on issues, rather than simply succumb to our most base and primitive emotions to take down those with whom we might not agree?

Andrew Lake, Edwardstown, SA