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A couple of letters in today’s Australian. I include the second more for entertainment value than anything else. It demonstrates the confused and confounded thinking of some. 

1 — ‘Maurice Newman has highlighted the fact that the public merely pays for the politically green-left ABC (It’s not your ABC, lefty staff assume it’s theirs”, 4/12). It was the Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci who articulated the notion that in the struggle for hegemony the incoming class must “conquer the commanding heights of the adversary’s culture”.

The angry adolescents at the ABC, in our state school systems, in our universities and through the new medium of social media, have done just that.

The result of two millennia of Western civilisation is being expunged from our society in a giant book burning, as these foot-stamping, totalitarian toddlers think they can establish a socialist utopia.

They should read Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm. Big brother, the party and the pigs are already honing their skills. What is worrying, is that the generation that were educated in the “best that has been thought and said” do not seem to know how to expose and expunge this activist drivel from our culture.

It’s time to sell the ABC and provide education vouchers for parents to choose their children’s schools and universities. Ordinary folk will know how to choose wisely.’

Jim Wilson, Beaumont, SA


2 — ‘Maurice Newman seems to confuse progressive thinking with left-wing bias. There is a difference. Many reviews have concluded there is no bias at the ABC. The bias is all in the eyes of the beholder’.

Marg Ludowyk, Brunswick, Vic