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Yet again we read of Christians who are forced to take evasive action to avoid abuse and threats by those activists who support same-sex marriage. When the debate about a plebiscite began we were warned by Labor frontbencher Penny Wong that hate speech from those who opposed SSM would rise to the fore.
Well the opposite has occurred and Wong’s silence is remarkable. She should publicly admit that on this occasion she got it wrong.
Peter D. Surkitt, Sandringham, Vic
Over the past few years, even blind Freddy could see that the push for gay marriage was no more than a thinly veiled attack on Christianity. This attack has now turned into open warfare. The blitz on anyone or any organisation that has Christian values is there for all to see.
This shows those among the LGBTI activists are moral cowards. They would not attack Islam.
By bullying Christians, they hope to force a parliamentary vote, rather than allow a referendum, which they would probably lose. It’s time for Christians to stand up and fight these activists and let their MPs know how they feel.
Simon Marston, Eltham, Vic
It is disgraceful that people working for Christian charities have to live in secrecy due to the abuse, threats and bullying meted out by gay activists. Bill Shorten told us it would be the other way around with a plebiscite. This underscores why every citizen must have a say in this matter.
David Meredith, Singleton, NSW
Would it be LGBTI activists who would now crucify Jesus? Threats to Christians by any part of society is abominable and must not be tolerated.
Graham Gordon Thomas, Kadina, SA
While gay activists claim they support diversity, inclusion and tolerance, their treatment of IBM executive Mark Allaby says otherwise. If an IBM executive can be bullied by the gay lobby, then none of us are safe from this totalitarian agenda. All the more reason that the redefinition of marriage must be opposed.
Jerome Appleby, Adelaide, SA
The disgraceful targeting of IBM executive Mark Allaby by SSM activists doesn’t seem to accord with the corporate SSM campaign, one of whose signatories says: “We want our people . . . to be respected and embraced for who they are.” There’s not much respect being shown by the SSM protagonists.
Jillian Thomas,
Tamborine Mountain, Qld
Now that the more vocal proponents of same-sex marriage have thrown off any pretext of wanting a respectful and tolerant debate, the protest from politicians of all colours should be long and loud. Politicians are in office to protect our interests and freedom of speech — one of our society’s most precious values.
But what we get from too may politicians is a jelly-backbone response to those who would remove our freedoms. There are politicians opposing a promised plebiscite, calling anti-Islam sentiment “racism”, opposing sensible reform of section 18C and failing to support the right of employees of companies to belong to religious organisations.
The unspoken rationale seems to be to pander to the loudest lobbyists and hope that the silent majority is too apathetic to speak and vote according to its principles.
David Morrison, Springwood, NSW
The Roman Emperor Constantine (306-337 AD) ended religious persecution of Christians which meant they were able to practice their religion in the public eye, yet throughout history persecution of Christians has continued. Angela Merkel in 2013 declared Christianity the most persecuted religion in the world.
Today, religious persecution has been taken to a new and dangerous level in Australia with SSM, LGBTI, marriage equality advocates supported by some media, Labor-Greens politicians and 20 chief executives openly persecuting Christians, forcing them to hide their names (“Safety fears at Christian charities”, 28/3)
Not to be outdone, Labor’s legal affairs spokesman is proposing more draconian restrictions on free speech. With few exceptions, repressive intolerance via social media and public companies is now entrenched. Where is a modern day Constantine?
Graham Blackman,
Wavell Heights, Qld
It’s a sad day when the majority are forced to stand aside for the minority in this country, yet it is happening more often. The withholding of the names of directors of religious charities on the grounds of public safety shows the depths to which we have sunk with freedom of thought, speech and association.
Noticeably absent from public comment is the Human Rights Commission that has failed to criticise the behaviour of the LGBTI lobby, in particular for its targeting of IBM executive Mark Allaby. Had Allaby targeted the LGBTI lobby with a barrage of abuse it would no doubt have been a different story.
John George, Terrigal, NSW
Reading in recent issues of The Australian about the descent of SSM activists into the abyss of censorship and vicious suppression of any viewpoint but their own, is thoroughly depressing and disheartening.
Please read and take on board the Friedrich Nietzsche quote: “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster.” Striving to be as ugly as their perceived oppressors actually achieves nothing positive, unless it is the transient exhilaration after a “revenge” attack. It’s just a downward spiral, a race to the bottom of the abyss. Can we maintain civility in discussions on this issue of SSM?
Ros Tooker, Bald Knob, Qld