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“…When jobs are exported because things don’t get Made in the USA anymore, when leaders insist that ­terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, and when people who should know better keep apologising for their country, it’s not surprising that ­millions of people decided that the pundits don’t know what they’re talking about.

After a generation of stagnant real wage growth accompanied by greater tax minimisation for the rich and more welfare for the poor, the voiceless roared.

In the end, this was less a contest between the Republicans and the Democrats and more about a clash of two nations inside the one America — the educated urban elites with job security and mobile capital versus Smalltown USA who feel they’ve lost control of their country as they watch jobs shift offshore, the dollar in their wallet buy less and less, and their kids struggle for opportunity.

Against all expectations, the ­collective might of Main Street told Pennsylvania Avenue that politics is no longer about trying to save the world, political correctness, the green religion or being nice to foreigners. It’s about us, they said: it’s about keeping our jobs ­secure, our families prosperous and our communities safe….” Peta Credlin: It’s time to see if the tiger has claws