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Almost weekly, this boy child bureaucrat, Tim Soutphommasane is confirming that he is a creepy, oily and dangerous character. What Paul Keating described as a shiver in search of a spine and is becoming more emboldened and strident in his overt attempts to orchestrate and socially engineer Australian society to reflect his own far left, culturally Marxist predilections.
He needs a Gladys Berijiklian style dust up with Alan Jones for 15 minutes to slap him around and slam him in his place.
“…Once companies sign up to the kind of ‘diversity pledge’ he proposes, the reputational risk of failing to hit the target — and thus appearing to be a ‘racist’ employer — will ensure compliance becomes a KPI for HR managers and divisions. Employment and promotion based on merit and performance will inevitably give way to affirmative action-style ‘minority hire’ policies. When advancement up the corporate ladder is based on identity — on a person’s race rather than what they can do and contribute — it will seriously undermine teamwork, breed professional resentment, and encourage non-collegiate segregation in the workplace.
Ethnic quotas for parliamentary candidates — which is the logical solution for the problem of ethnic under-representation — would encourage the rise in Australia of the kind of divisive race-baiting politics seen in the United States, where politicians routinely exploit racial issues to mobilise the support of minority voters…”  Tim’s anti-White Australia Policy