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Here’s the problem. Who the hell is running the place? Certainly not those  we elect. Do not adjust your set OR your glasses. It actually does read that 4389 times out of 11,323 that the AAT has brushed aside the Ministers directive in the last 12 months. A staggering 39%.
“…The Administrative Appeals Tribunal has foiled Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s attempt to kick sex creep taxi driver Jagdeep Singh out of Australia.
It is just one of the 4389 times the AAT has overturned Mr Dutton’s visa decisions in the past year.
Statistics seen by the Herald Sun reveal that of the 11,323 ministerial visa decisions reviewed by the AAT in the 12 months to April 2017, it ­rejected almost 39 per cent of them…”  Tribunal foils Immigration Minister attempt to kick sex creep taxi driver out of Australia