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No surprises here. The behaviour of the left, as it is, over Trump or Abbott, Bush climate change (or name the topic) couldn’t be anything other than a mental health issue. Now it’s confirmed. These people are unstable and unwell

“…Mental health professionals are starting to open up in public about the mental health issues among liberals experiencing Trump Derangement Syndrome.  The Los Angeles Times, an anti-Trump paper, published an unintentionally revealing article (hat tip: Instapundit) on the extent and severity of TDS among the affluent liberals on LA’s West side. In her 35 years as a therapist, Arlene Drake has never heard so many clients talking about the same issue. Week after week, they complain of panic attacks and insomnia because of President Trump. They’re too anxious to concentrate at work. One woman’s fear turned into intense, physical pain..”

“It’s just a nightmare,” said Drake, who practices in West L.A. Trump Derangement Syndrome emerges as a public health issue
“..Therapists nationwide say they’ve been overwhelmed by the strong feelings triggered by one of the most divisive figures in modern political history.
I do not remember a similar outbreak of mental health problems among conservatives upon the election of Barack Obama, who promised a “fundamental transformation” of America.  This suggests that liberals are less emotionally stable than conservatives and supports the long expressed thesis of Michael Savage that “liberalism is a mental disorder.
I think that it is now time to form a nonprofit foundation devoted to alleviating the suffering of TDS patients, for they affect not only themselves and their families, but also the general public, whom they attack on suspicion of insufficient hostility toward the elected president of the United States.  They are a hazard to the rest of us.  Public service commercials should be broadcast on television and radio stations urging sufferers of TDS to get help.  As a first step, complete disengagement from politics seems a reasonable therapy.
Worst of all, mental health professionals are beginning to corrupt their profession owing to shared feelings with the TDS crowd:
Drake was trained not to reveal her personal beliefs, but now will agree with clients if they say they don’t support Trump…”